Functions of a Full-Face Diving Mask and Its Safety Considerations

The full-face diving mask, unlike the conventional two-piece snorkel, covers the whole face of a diver and which is made up of a mouthpiece and a demand valve, where the oxygen gas flows through it to provide the breathing air for the diver. This type of diving mask was designed purposely for professional diving because of its practical functions. Divers can clearly see underwater while, at the same time, protects the diver's face from unforeseen elements underwater, such as coldness of the water, polluted water, or stings from jellyfishes or corals. A diver wearing a full face safe diving mask experiences more security in breathing than wearing the conventional two-piece snorkel in the sense that in extreme cases when the diver may encounter problems like being unconscious or suffer what is known as oxygen toxicity convulsion, the diver can continue to breathe from the mask. Unlike in a two-piece snorkel set where the mouthpiece is separated and gripped between the teeth, in a situation when the diver is unconscious, there is a strong tendency of letting the mouthpiece be detached from the diver's mouth.

Depending on the design of a full-face diving mask, what should really be considered, in purchasing one, are two significant areas - the mask should provide oxygen gas to the diver and that a secure air space is facilitated for underwater vision. To be able to provide a safe and secure full face safe diving mask, its construction must comprise the following: a transparent window face plate for the diver to see, a valve connected to the source of oxygen gas, a means of removing water that may enter inside the mask, a provision for the diver to block the nose so he/she can equalize his/her ears, a sealing feature around the mask. Further, other components may be included, such as communications equipment, lights or a facility to defog the interior surface of the faceplate, and an alternative breathing has connection.

The full-face diving mask is manufactured for professional diving use, but in recent years it has grown in popularity due to the interest in recreational diving. And here lies the problem of using full-face diving masks that are not properly designed by commercial manufacturers, who are there for the profit, and may not have followed proper safety inspection and accrediting procedures of their products. If the diving mask is poorly designed, two dangerous consequences may occur: the tight-fitting head straps may be hard to remove in an emergency situation and carbon dioxide, which is supposed to be breathed out, may build up inside the mask. It is, therefore, important to purchase a full-face diving mask from an expert and accredited manufacture as well as learn how to use it from experienced scuba diving instructors.

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Facts about Full Face Snorkel Masks

The question about how safe one is by using full face masks emerged after news hit the media concerning full mask drowning in a place called Hawaii. The response is that full face snorkel masks are dangerous. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. When you are actively engaged in an activity, your body demands more oxygen and increases the need for faster and shallower breaths. In case this happens in an enclosed space as it is the case with a full face mask you wear on your head, you are not in a position to push full face CO2 buildup from the snorkel tube. This causes you to start breathing in the bad air with high contents of carbon II oxide. Breathing in air that is full of carbon II oxide causes you to experience headaches, unconsciousness, and dizziness.
This may sound scaring but you should not worry. If the snorkel equipment has been designed well and tested, it can be safe for use. It is therefore always recommendable that you buy snorkel gear of good quality from popular and trusted brands. Luckily enough, producers of full-face snorkel masks are taking this into account to help them come up with masks that are designed accordingly. They have separated breathing part from that of looking with the breathing part sealing the mouth and the nose of the viewing part. On the top of the breathing part, there are little valves which only allow fresh air to enter. If the design is right with silicone sealing perfectly, carbon II oxide is pushed out of the snorkel through full face safe mask's side channels.

Full face snorkel masks came to the snorkel gear market some few years ago but they are among the best selling snorkel masks. The market changes faster and companies heed to customer needs in coming up with continuous product upgrades. Initially, Easybreath full mask was made by Decathlon but the latest version called the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask is under Subea brand. The main aim of this innovation was to revolutionize snorkeling through developing the first full face snorkeling mask in the world to enable you to see and breathe easily while in water as it is on land. Easybreath full face mask became the first full face snorkel mask whose design was patented. Decathlon Easybreath mask underwent many alterations, simplification and upgrade. Of late, the name has even been changed with the whole Decathlon underwater product variety running under Subea.

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Some of the Facts That You Need to Know About the Full-Face Snorkel Masks Safety

You may be new to the snorkel masks, and you do not know the snorkel mask that you can buy. It is good that you consider this article as you will get to know the safety issues related to the snorkel masks. The safety of the snorkel masks has been a concern to some people. This has raised the need to discuss the facts that are related to the snorkel masks. However, as you are planning to buy the snorkel masks, you have to be very careful. Most are the dealer's that provide the full face safe snorkel masks, and if you are not careful, you may end up with a poor snorkel mask. The following are some of the things that you need to know about the snorkel masks.

The good thing about the snorkel masks is that they will give you an opportunity to breathe through your nose as well as through your mouth. The snorkel masks are good as the will fit all you face. This increases your chances of getting air. The snorkel masks are fitted with valves that will help prevent the water from getting in the CO2 danger snorkel. It can be risky when water enters the snorkel. This is why the snorkel masks are equipped with the valves so that safety is enhanced. You, therefore, realize that the snorkel masks are therefore safe for you when you are in the water. Because the snorkel masks covers, your entire face then you can protect your face from any hazard in the water. If you love swimming, it is therefore advisable that you consider the snorkel masks.

The other thing that you need to know about the snorkel masks is that they allow you to breathe out effectively. The snorkel masks have openings that will let you get air in and out. As you are choosing the snorkel masks, you need to look at the design of the snorkel masks that you are buying. So that you may have the safety of the highest level, it is good that you try using the snorkel masks even before you get inside the water. You have to ensure that you can breathe effectively without any inconveniences. You can check the snorkel masks by putting he mask on your head as you avoid the straps. You then need to inhale slightly to ensure that you can get enough air.

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